Ronald Reagan removed the solar panels from the Whitehouse because in his words, “more is better”.

El Paso Texas is showing some signs of “green”.  Fort Bliss has newly installed P V solar.  Gas prices are under $ 3.00 per gallon in El Paso.  The explained reasons are: fuel efficient cars, alternative energy and an abundance of national oil.

I can’t say that Texan’s in El Paso drive “green”.  Lots of brake lights.

It is too bad that many physics teachers are reluctant to teach “green physics”.  It could all start with an understanding of green driving principles.  Cars are now graphically equipped to monitor miles per gallon.  There are lessons about rpm efficience, how to handle mountains and driving for better gas mileage in the city.

I’ll just bet that students would get interested in physics quickly if it involved driving a late model car.  I am also willing to say that car dealerships might be happy to allow schools to use cars for this purpose.


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