Students from the Hingham High School Green Team are making a difference.  I am inspired by the action steps that they accomplish.

Green Committee Meeting

Monday, October 6, 2014

Slash The Trash:

The volleyball team has set the new record for slash the trash in Hingham High School!  Keep encouraging teams to stay until the entire cafeteria is empty.  Also, there is an idea that STUCO could do “Slash the Trash” once a week but it will not count in the competition. We will also work to improve signage at the recycling, compost and trash stations to help people understand what goes where.

Bottle Bill:

Davis Goode is working diligently on the bottle bill and is making a letter for the Hingham Journal and the Ledger for people to vote yes on question #2.  He is possibly going to try to get a letter into the Globe as well.  There is a misinformation campaign going on now by the bottle companies. Be sure to tell people about this problem.  Check Facebook for updates for volunteers to hold signs about this at the transfer station.

Website (About Us):

Kerri Mannion is doing a great job on the new Green Committee website and she would like some ideas from fellow members about what to write down for the “about us” section.  If you come up with any ideas, please contact her.

STUCO Assembly:

There is a STUCO assembly on Thursday this week and the Green Team has 9 minutes to talk about green happenings at the high school.  This is a rare time to share with the rest of the school what they could be doing to “go green.”  We could ask them “Why Not” questions (similar to those included in a short video that will be shown) about recycling, composting, the shoe drive, Pack the Rack, and the bottle bill.  We should bring up recycling with sports teams and how people can recycle at the athletic fields.  Garrett and Jake are a possible add on to our presentation as well.

Pack the Rack:

Friday giveaways in October for Pack the Rack are going to stay the same.  However, we thought there could be other random checks that are not on Friday to get more people to ride bikes everyday.  There is an idea of making bike stickers (like car stickers) so we could monitor who rides their bike to school and how often they do that. Matt Bishop and Jack Lemanski volunteered to help lead this effort.

Mrs. Wilson (Hingham Middle School):

Mrs. Wilson is coming up with a green committee logo for the Middle School.  She also wants us to videotape this STUCO meeting and show it to her students.  She was thinking that some of the green committee members could either go into the middle school and teach them about what we do and what they should be doing or go for their lunch period and monitor the trash cans.  She was also wondering about using Skype with us. We will think more about ways to assist HMS and revisit this issue at our next meeting.

Cuppow at the Holiday Fair:

Lea is going to buy around 50-100 more for the holiday fair to sell.  If there are any volunteers to help sell those during the holiday fair, please let us know.

Trays from Hingham Public Schools:

The other public schools in Hingham do not recycle/ compost their trays as of now and the transfer station is willing to take more trays from the other schools.  We are looking for people with pickup trucks to pickup trays from the public schools on a Friday. Matt Bishop offered to help organize this effort.


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