New York City is an exciting “green” place for education.  What in the heck are we waiting for in urban cities in Massachusetts as well as in many other states around the country?


Check this out:

The excuses:

  1. State testing is the priority. Teach to the Test.
  2. What if the roof leaks?
  3. Common exams for all the students at each level within the system.
  4. What if we don’t get to page 289 in the textbook?.
  5. Where will we get the supplies? There is no budget for “green”.
  6. Core curriculum is the core to all education.
  7. Why would we ever want students to think? Just spit it back kid.
  8. Well-being, understanding nutrition, eat what you grow, grow local – is it nonsense?
  9. GMOs, pesticides, chemical stimulants; what does that have to do with science?
  10. Isn’t composting dirty and messy.  Give the students a worksheet.

You tell me where the state departments of education, superintendents of schools and school committees have their heads?  Of course; not all school administrators liked science or math when they were in school.


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