Industrial farms may not be able to do this however the Square Foot Gardener can.  Your family should be eating totally organic with SFGs.


Our garden had little evidence of pests this summer.  The three plants that I used to provide us help with pests were: nasturtiums, marigolds and white geraniums. The nasturtiums reseed themselves year after year.


3 thoughts on “Pest Free

    1. Hi, Same thing happened to me. They propagate well over the winter but from the package I have had little success. They like sandy to poor soil. The ones that come back for me year after year are in poor soil with gravel on top. The seeds in the package are large and rough. You may want to use sandpaper to penetrate the hard seed coat. Soaking sometimes works. I think the cold winters crack the seeds that are reseeded from the plants successfully in that manner. You might want to throw a bunch of seeds in the snow and see what happens. Once you get them going, you’ll have to pull them out like weeds because they can take over. Or you might want to buy a single plant and let it wander.

      1. Thanks for the information. We are in sunny Sacramento so no snow for us! I think I will try many more transplants next year and hope one of them sticks so that I will have them in my garden for years to come.

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