A week ago I purchased a rosemary plant.  Little did I know that it wasn’t A rosemary plant.  Just yesterday I decided to plant it in a sheltered place for winter.  Although it is mid-September, my hope was that it would develop a strong root system that would allow it to survive the harsh winter.  When I took it out of the pot I realized that there was more than one plant, there were 19.  As I pulled the roots apart, I realized that some of the plants had reasonable root systems but most were undeveloped.


I transplanted the nineteen plants from that one pot.  The question of course is what does the average gardener do?  Do they plant the entire contents of the container in one location?

I believe that growers are doing this as a matter of practice.  Less experienced gardeners plant all the contents and then get plants that can’t get enough nutrition to allow them to grow to their full potential.  My guess is that commercial growers throw a bunch of seeds into potting soil, water and ship.  Since all seeds might not germinate, growers roll the seeds out and get a product.  The issue is of course, does this represent responsible farming?

Beware, if you read this blog, check closely the plants that you purchase.  When there are several plants growing in a single pot, be prepared to separate and repot the plants.  Otherwise refrain from buying from that grower.

Grow local isn’t always that easy.  Be prepared to grow your knowledge.


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