Freddy.  This is his nickname used by his close friends and wife when he is in trouble.  I was at one time in sales and he bought everything I sold.  He is really a great person, creative and funny.  I now sell Square Foot Gardens and he lives half the year in Florida (half?) (perfect climate).  His wife is very enthusiastic about organic and grow local.  However?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Just imagine Freddy, a Square Foot Garden that could produce tomatoes like the ones in the picture.  I offer gardens that are 4’ by 4’ and 3’ b 3’.  The plant in the photo is in a 3 by 3 garden.  The tomato plant is located in 1 square foot and in just 6 inches of Mel’s Mix.  We could make a 2’ by 2’ or a 1’ by 3’.  For all of us there is plenty of excitement picking that first organic tomato.


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