We have 360 gallons of rain barrel water storage.  Seems like a lot?  Well, not enough right now.  We are having a draught.  Are there regions in the U.S. that need some rain?


Mel’s Mix absorbs and stores water pretty well but dry plants are not productive plants.  I am pretty sure that many of you have never seen a root hair.  They are microscopic and vulnerable to draught.  It is not the big tap root that absorbs the water; it is the tiny root hairs.  Water deep and less often.  Getting the roots to reach down is very important to healthy growth patterns.

Imagine getting up in the morning and not taking a drink all day.  Try it and then immediately go outside and water your plants.

Row gardens take an incredible amount of water.  Water management is important to the success of Square Foot Gardening.  You might just think a little about drip irrigation.


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