There are often questions if a square foot space that is six inches deep can actually grow tomatoes similar to those planted in the ground.

Take a look.


The student three by three (student) Square Foot Garden that is in the picture has the following plants: one tomato, two kale, 12 string beans, four lettuce, two parsley, one cucumber, four basil, marigolds and radishes.  The tomato plant is huge.  The kale has taken over a lot of space and should be trimmed a lot more than what I do.

The key to success is compost.  It is the quality of the mix that counts.  I try to make compost and I never seem to have enough.  As I have stated before, commercial compost just doesn’t have the quality that I find necessary.  What I do is make the Mel’s Mix with equal amounts of five types of commercial compost, vermiculite and peat moss and then I add another third of my own compost.

I did a poor job in planning my garden this year.  PLANTS NEED SUN.  This may sound silly however next year I will plan my garden on paper.  It takes planning when using a minimum amount of space.  In addition, let me encourage you to compost, compost and COMPOST.



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