It is fun to design and experiment.

This is my trial for making bocashi.  I am using a design that I want to use in Honduras.  Therefore it needs to be relatively inexpensive and the materials must be accessible.  I am using some of the components which are being used by field workers through the organization Sustainable Harvest.  The group’s home base is in Maine and they provide many meaningful programs in Central America.

The picture above is a 35 gallon plastic vat.  It has a spigot at the bottom, an access space at the top, an aeration / PVC tube, an aquarium pump and a aquarium tubing.

The contents are:       Horse manure

Steamed rice

Health soil from a local forest

Yeast made from flower and water


Rain water – no chlorine

Water left from soaking wheatgrass berries

Sustainable Harvest suggests that the mixture be stirred twice each day.  The process is by fermentation and produces a tea mixture which is very potent.  I feel that the aeration will facilitate the process.

There are many techniques for making bocashi as explained on youtube.  Take a look and see what you think.  Then get back to me.



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