Honduras Hope is currently involved in a major effort to establish a culinary school in Yoro, Honduras.  The goal is to educate interested citizens and young people in the hospitality industry.  An upscale facility has been constructed and is currently being used to train students to maximize their potential in a business that is growing in Central America. MelonsCulinarySchjpg

Along with hospitality training, students are being taught about the benefits of using organic produce.  Round Up is a staple in Honduras.  Buildings have gigantic Round Up advertisements on their outside walls.  Monsanto is alive and well in Central America.  It is common to see farmers riding their horses with blue plastic spray apparatus on their backs filled with toxic chemicals.

On our last trip to Yoro, my wife and a friend of ours spent the good part of a day looking for anything that was organic.  We can up empty.  Even the commercial compost we found contained chemicals.  It has been a problem for a long time because when pesticides are banned in the United States they are often shipped to developing countries.

Teaching about organic provides HOPE and I believe it is sustainable in Honduras.  Students at the culinary school are making compost and have started growing organic vegetables that they will use as they develop their menus.  The benefit of using Square Foot Gardens is that because it is contained, compost can be used more efficiently.  I feel that Anibal Castellanos is an excellent program director.  His approach is comprehensive which offers unique opportunities for students as well as for the community.


One thought on “Organic HOPE

  1. good day

    I thank Peter being the slope of the organic management project in culinary school, the daily harvest abichuelas that alegriaaaaaa Today I’m glad that unwittingly picking the proper management of organic fertilizer, plus fertilizer that is serving us for decorative plants the problem of soil where the school is built, it is a dual task gait’s take cooking school and make nice with the difficulties there, we had Sompopos pests, the goats that plants, pests eat flies, ect, but we’ve always had the help of Peter, thanks for your words of support, thank you for posting on your blog, for school and work is being done,

    Buen dia

    Agradesco a Peter el estar pendiente del proyecto del manejo organico en la escuela culinaria, el dia de Hoy coseche abichuelas que alegriaaaaaa me alegra saber que sin querer estamos cosechando del buen manejo del abono organico, ademas ese abono nos esta sirviendo para las plantas decorativas por el problema de suelo donde esta construida la escuela, se que es una doble tarea hechar andar la escuela de cocina y ponerla bonita, con las dificultades que hay, hemos tenido plagas de sompopos, los cabros que se comen las plantas, plagas de moscas, ect, pero siempre hemos contado con la ayuda de Peter, gracias por tus palabras de apoyo, gracias por publicar en tu blog, sobre la escuela y en trabajo que se esta realizando,

    Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 03:57:48 +0000 To: anibal_cb@outlook.com

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