The students who live in the dormitory which is sponsored by Honduras Hope are growing produce on the side yard.  Fortunately the soil is excellent.  With the warm weather it should take less than a week for the green tomatoes to turn red.HHgreenTomatoes

We started with Square Foot Gardens and their ambitions ran wild.  Believe me; those students know how to make compost.  With row gardens it takes much more nutrients.  However, I for one am not getting in their way of progress.

The key to all of this is composting.  Our next step in Honduras is to make Bokashi.  The process is decomposition through fermentation.  It is a method that originated in Japan.  The procedure takes a much shorter time to decompose than traditional composting methods. The process is even faster than our red wiggler worms.  Just to keep a step ahead of our eager students, I began today making my Bokashi mix.

It will be fun to be back in Honduras with student/scientists.  They are smart, willing and the plan is that they will soon be the teachers.

One thought on “Excitement at the Dorm

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