Cracked tomatoes are a sign of a lack of calcium in your soil mixture.  You also may witness brown spots on the skin of the tomatoes.  The cell wall of a tomato needs calcium in order to divide and the cracks and or spots are indicators of poor cell wall division and development.

A person at Lowes suggested that I use a chemical spray to get rid of the spots.  I began thinking about why my soil lacks calcium.  My conclusion is that we have 370 gallons of stored water in rain barrels.  When there is rain water we water from the barrels.  Rain falling from the heavens doesn’t contain calcium.  Calcium from your water faucet is picked up by the water when it filters through the soil.

My quick solution was to water with diluted powdered milk.  That was a quick fix.  You can also add lime to the soil at the beginning of the season.  Egg shells in compost will provide plenty of calcium.  I thought of putting sea shells into the rain barrels and they would slowly dissolve to provide calcium.  Currently I use Azomite when I make Mel’s mix and that contains calcium and a total of 28 trace minerals.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These are good times.  Eat healthy, enjoy the exercise and watching things grow is often good for our emotions.

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