imagesOrganic farming has challenges.  In Yoro, Honduras the reports are that there are goats, sheep and insects are eating the vegetables from our square foot gardens.  The chickens may also be eating the seeds that the students are planting.

In Honduras, everywhere we travelled there are big signs that advertise Roundup.  That could be a solutions however the plants absorb the Roundup and the people eat the plants.  There are organic solutions and some of those are not easy and they come with a price tag.  I just sent some plastic fencing to our boarding house with the group from and they are in Yoro right now. We will see if this solves the chicken problem (no goats or sleep at that property).  Fencing in Honduras is as expensive as it is in the United States.

Currently we have no pests or animal problems in or around our square foot gardens at our home in Hingham.


  • Healthy soil produces pest resistant plants
  • The dog and cats next door keeps the squirrels a bunnies away
  • Marigolds, nasturtiums, lady bugs, salt grass all control insects
  • Sun, sun and possibly reflected sun
  • Steady diet of compost tea
  • Homemade compost, more compost and some more compost

Read the book – Square Foot Gardening



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