And then  there is HondurasHope.

Honduras Hope does many fantastic educational, medical and nutritional things in Honduras and among them it supports a boarding house in Yoro.  The mountain villages only have schools that teach students from grade 1 to 6.  In order for students to go to middle and high school they would have to walk three and a half hours to the City of Yoro.  Honduras Hope built and supports a dormitory so that students have a place to stay during the week.  There are twenty students currently living there.

I introduced Square Foot Gardening to the dorm students there and met an incredible young woman, Doris Murillo.  I don’t speak Spanish and she doesn’t speak English however we understood what needed to be communicated concerning SFG.  (Of course my wife Kathy who pulls everything together is always available to help with translations when things get too specific or difficult.)  Many of the other dorm students worked very diligently with us to build the gardens as well as the composting area.

In three months the students at the boarding house made a large mound of compost.  We planted some seeds which many of them may have been eaten by the chickens.  (We are learning).  The cucumber seeds obviously survived.  The pictures prove that.  Those cucumbers are so far ahead of mine.

If you have a special cucumber recipe, you might want to send it along to them via Facebook.  The the Facebook page is HondurasHOPE.

We can all do this: One Square Foot at a Time.


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