It was an exciting day for composting.  You will notice in the picture a cluster of eggs on the shovel that I was using.  Red wiggle worms do three things: eat, poop and mate.

When I was teaching horticulture at Quincy High School, students use to use video capture with a microscope to watch and record the baby red wiggler worms wiggling inside the eggs. Each egg contains 4 to 6 babies.  I would guess that there were at least a hundred hatched eggs in the compost pile.  The math gets exciting when we think that a red wiggle digests 50% of its body mass each day.  It really becomes exciting to think that those 4 to 6 hundred red wiggles will mate and reproduce the next generation of worms.  Red wigglers are hermaphrodites.

Mel’s mix doesn’t work very well without great compost.  I find that the industrial compost is on par with industrial food products.  The red wigglers help to decompose organic material rapidly which factors into great harvests.  Tonights harvest for dinner was yellow squash, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers.

We can all do this, One Square Foot at a Time.


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