I continue to be amazed that the quality of compost is so important to chemical free gardening.  Superior compost is not a quick and easy process.  This is especially true if there is a lack of land to just dump compostable materials.  I haven’t been able to find a way to produce all that I need in a short period of time.  Organic at the grocery store is expensive and there is a reason why.

Compost tea is a way to boost nutrition directly and efficiently.  In the photo is an example of one technique that I use to make tea.


  1. Put a 5 gallon vat or plastic pail in the ground.
  2. With a second container cut a large hole in the bottom of a clear 5 gallon jug which is used for water coolers (Filtered water in Honduras).
  3. Secure with an elastic band a nylon stocking or mesh material over the mouth of the clear water jug.
  4. Turn the water container upside down and place it on top of the plastic pail or vat.
  5. Fill the water container half full with compost.
  6. The tea must be aerated so it must be stirred.  Instead of stirring, I use an aquarium pump to oxygenate the tea.  It runs twice a day for an hour at a time.
  7. Fill the water container the rest of the way with water.  Allow the water to past through and sit in the pail for at least a day.  The microbes will replicate and enrich the tea.

(If you do not aerate the tea it will begin to rot and smell badly.  Oxygenated compost tea will smell sweet.)

For those who would rather make the process simpler, just use a bucket half filled with compost and ad water.  You should probably cover it to avoid mosquito issues and stir it twice a day.



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