We enjoy the food harvested from our Square Foot Gardens.  I think we all realize however that the dining experience goes beyond the food.

My wife Kathy has created a garden setting that makes organic even so much more.


4 thoughts on “Sitting Down for Organic

  1. It has been stated that food, and coffee particularly, tasts bettr outdoors, al fresco. I wonder how much they spent on that study, reported in Helsingin Sanomat. Fi

    1. You are always on this nutrition stuff. Of course digestion is such a big part of making use of the food we eat. I have a picture of you feeding our envirothon students breakfast at Quincy H. S.. So good to hear from you.

  2. Peter: The Red Wiggler bring fond memories of your classes @ QHS. The students in the beginning were a bit “squimish” about handleling the Red Wigglers, but soon learned their usefulness as they placed them and introduced them to the worm bed thay had prepared for them to live, eat, poop and propagate. Now how cool is that..?

    1. Some of the things we did may not be the same. The evolution of the classroom doesn’t look so positive. And yet teachers are expected to do more than ever. So where does the student fit into all of this?

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