Fruit flies are a sign of the season. As we visit our favorite farm stand, buy from a major grocery store or harvest from our gardens, fruit flies are a reality for most of us. Much of the fruit we buy is shipped prior to being completely ripe and keeping it out for some extra color usually means fruit fly trouble.

As a former biology teacher and department chair of science, we received complaints from teachers all over the school about our experiments producing fruit flies. Each spring I would initiate a contest among the students to see who could design and build the most efficient fruit fly trap. It was great fun and with so many students trying to win the contest we enjoyed consistent success.
For those of us who are not design oriented, I have discovered a simple and effective way without spraying poison. (There is a fruit fly strolling across my screen as I write this blog.)

I use a cup or shallow glass. Put two ounces of wine vinegar into the glass. Finally squirt a little liquid dish washing detergent into the container. You will be amazed how well it works. You can substitute red wine or cider vinegar if that is what you have on hand.
Good luck and there is no need to get rid of your kitchen compost container because the problem can be solved quite easily.


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