There are super people in the world and then there are those that go beyond super.  Hold on for that story.

We have been away for eleven days in Honduras and then another eleven days in Laconia doing a fund raiser at Bike Week in Laconia.  We were home for four days between those activities.  The square foot gardens didn’t receive much attention other than water.  The sad truth is that our vegetables don’t look so good.  There was a month without compost tea.  I have concluded that industrial compost is poor at best.  I have written before how I believe that commercial compost is like industrial farming, fill the bag and take the money.  Only 1/5 of the compost I used was made through worm castings or vermiculture compost.

Now back to my original thought.  There is a wonderful woman named Tanika who runs a boarding house in Yoro, Honduras for Honduras HOPE.  The students who live in the dorm during the week walk three and a half hours from their mountain side homes to attend middle school and high school.  Tanika is among a group of teenagers in the picture.  They are collecting banana leaves to make compost.  From my experience, leadership by doing works.  Last May when we were in Honduras the members of the boarding house proudly showed us a pile of compost that they made which was 4 feet wide by 6 feet long by 3 feet high.  That is a lot of compost.  It is true that the weather there allows for quick decomposition however the material necessary to feed the microorganisms is proportionate to what was produced.

The students at the Boarding House are making compost to grow Square Foot Gardens.  While we were there, the teacher / chef at the new culinary school visited the project.  Now the culinary school has six 4’ by 4’ gardens.  Next the Principal of the primary school in Plan Grande, a community served by Honduras Hope, visited the dorm to see the project and his school now has two 4’ by 4’ gardens.

Many groups go to developing countries and help with agricultural programs to boost nutritional levels of the people.  They often rely on leaders in the community or experienced farmers to show others.  Tanika has demonstrated a theory that I have seen work.  Teach the children and you plant two seeds; one will yield vegetables and flowers while the other will offer sustainability through the minds and emotions of children.


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