On our return from Honduras we stayed in Miami for the evening.  There are few flights from Honduras and the late night arrivals into Boston didn’t work for us. We had a nice waterfront experience and the Miami Heat had fans cheering at the bars and restaurants.

We stayed at a Marriott and the woman at the front desk offered us a free breakfast.  After many meals of chicken, eggs, rice and beans in Yoro, I decided to load up on fruit.  The strawberries looked ripe, big and delicious.  I am such a fool.  Yes, the strawberries tasted no better or worse than cardboard.

Don’t expect fruit and vegetables from your Square Foot Gardens to compare in size to those at Stop and Shop or at the Marriott.  Genetically, strawberries are not supposed to be that gigantic.

Just be sure to take the time to enjoy your naturally grown harvests.  We can all do this; One Square Foot at a Time.


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