Yesterday my wife and I enjoyed lunch with friends who have become square foot gardeners.  Remember we are doing this just One Square e Foot at a Time.  As you can see from the picture, the view is spectacular.  However for me, the interest that this family has shown to grow fresh produce is very exciting.

We had herbs and lettuce from their gardens as a part of our lunch.  They recently installed a rain barrel with a long hose that will soon become a drip irrigation system and they are composting with red wiggler worms.

Making your own compost is far more nutrient rich than the stuff you buy in a bag from the garden store.  Vegetables that we buy in the stores most often come from nutrient poor soil that has been farmed for many years.  They look good because they are chemically enhanced with fertilizers which are a big part of industrial farming.

Check out the structure to accommodate vine tomatoes.  I can taste them already.


2 thoughts on “Lunch with Friends

  1. This looks wonderful. My kids have collected LOTS of apple cores and have brought in compostables from home – you’ve inspired them again!!

    1. The children at Randolph Community Middle School are easy to inspire. They reflect the attitude of their ELL teacher. I am anxious to see some of the things that they are adding to their worm bin. I also think it is time to harvest the compost in the terrarium tank. Do they have something to sift with?

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