This is an alert!

Some of my SFG plants are not doing so well.  The weak ones are in places where plants grew during the winter.   Mel says that when revitalizing the Mel’s Mix we should be using our own generated compost.

Last week Kathy and I were visiting friends in California.  We went to a farmers market and our friend suggested that the gigantic strawberries looked awfully good.  As a boy I picked strawberries for a local farmer in Connecticut.  The soil was near a canal in the Connecticut Valley and the soil seemed to be quite fertile.  We never picked strawberries that were even half the size of those we now find at the market.

There may be reasons for the size of store bought strawberries: GMOs, chemical fertilizers or hybridization.

I bought blueberries this week.  They were so big that I was hesitant to purchase them.

The industrial farmers are growing big fruits and vegetables.

When thinking about the compost that we are using, what is really in that bag?  Are there industrial composting facilities much like industrial farms?   

Today I harvested some worm castings.  Some of us call it “black gold”.  As I mixed the worm castings into the soil, I felt confident that this would boost a new crop of red and green peppers.  I don’t need the peppers to be big; I just want them to taste like peppers.

Are you composting?  Share your concerns as you develop a composting system.

This week end Hingham High School students are selling compost at the local farmers market.  The composting project comes from food scraps generated during lunch at the school.  The students are composting.  The market opens at 10 AM and I am certain they are selling good compost.  Get there early.



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