One Square Foot at a Time moved forward at Point Webster Middle School in Quincy.   Students participated in completing the frame for one of the three square foot gardens which be delivered shortly.

Fortunately, the students in attendance were most helpful as well as clued into the environmental issues that face their futures.  Grow local is a theme that certainly gets students thinking.

Each student will be accountable for one square foot.  Philosophically I think that most of us believe that becoming responsible is learned.  Trying to teach or tell students that they need to be responsible is like talking to broccoli.  Providing an opportunity for students to care for something may work for some.

Picture this.  Two students begin growing lettuce plants.  One of the students makes sure that the plants are watered on Friday afternoon and returns Monday morning to water.  The classmate takes off Friday after school to be with friends and checks on the wilted plants Monday at 1 PM.  One student is harvesting lettuce on June 10th while the other student is hopefully thinking about what went wrong.  One lesson like this does not make life changing adaptations.  However, providing life experiences at school can begin some attitude modifications.

Teaching science through practical application can provide many positive experiences.  When state and federal agencies think that teaching to a TEST will improve education, I believe that they will be proved wrong.

One thing is for sure.  The eighth grade science teacher at Point Webster Middle School has her students excited about learning.  I believe that green initiatives like these can make a difference.  Why do I believe this?  As a former teacher, I have seen it with my very own eyes. 


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