I was working around one of the raised beds and noticed that some lettuce that I recently transplanted looked pathetic.  Right next to those 4 plants there were 2 plants in a separate container that looked just great.  They all came from the same source.  I had grown lettuce previously in the space where the plants looked sickly.  It dawned on me that just maybe the lettuce that I grew before may have used up most of the nutrients.  Pale yellow as opposed to dark green means that the plants lack nitrogen.

The lesson here is that organic materials can be used almost immediately by the plants.  We would hope that there is not much left in the garden soil after the plant is harvested and eaten.  I think we would all agree that we need to absorb as much nutritious food as possible for good health.

I put worm compost around the lettuce plants this morning.  We will see if the plants recover to a dark green color.  Most commercial products are high in nitrogen and they turn the leaf color to a rich green. That does not mean that the plant is organically healthy.

I will let you know the outcomes.

Should you notice that your plants need a boost, simply add some pure compost around the base of the plant.  Do not water excessively.  Let the nutrients gradually reach the roots of the plants.

Next I will discuss how you can make compost tea.  Some of us call it “liquid gold”.


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