Everyone is talking about kale.  Super food?  I suppose it depends on where it is grown.  Plants can only absorb what is in the soil or in the medium that they are grown in.  Different plants metabolize nutrients differently.  However plants do not make minerals.

Last spring I planted kale in what was a compost area.  The kale was so plush that I didn’t want to pull it up.  It really disrupted the plan for the garden for the entire season.  I was still harvesting frozen kale in January and putting it into smoothies.   And then it stopped growing.  I never pulled in up just because.

The photo shows that 2 of the plants are back.  Just the other day I used the kale again for a smoothie.  Kale is rich in enzymes so when it is added with two frozen wheatgrass cubes to a smoothie, the enzymatic process still works.

The problem with row gardening is that there is just too much land to provide sufficient organic compost.  I suggest square foot gardens.  We can all make a difference.   

And friends; ideal for Florida living.



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