A few days ago my wife was cleaning the refrigerator in preparation for Easter dinner.   She took out two large bulbs of fennel and put them on the counter.  We didn’t buy fennel so we asked our daughter about the package.   She said she bought it and it came in only one size: more than she could have used.   The recipe called for the ingredient so she made the purchase.

My wife purchased some thyme for a recipe for a potato, turnip and cheese dish.  The thyme was in a closed plastic container and it weighed .75 ounces.   It cost $ 1.99.  She used about 1/16th of the package.  You know yourself from experience that three weeks from now the container will be thrown away and the contents hardly used.

With your own herb garden, you only pick what you need.  You won’t get more than necessary, the transportation won’t be wasted and your grocery bill will be less at the checkout counter.  And, there will be less to clean out of the refrigerator.

You will soon find out that herbs grow like weed.  I will welcome your comments on the herb garden that I just built for easy access from our kitchen.  It was built out of reusable shelving.



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