A  friend of mine wrote this and I thought you would be interested.

April 18, 2014

Clams need good water,

The cold winds of this spring kept blowing yesterday as I observed a fellow sitting on a wall across the street, maybe a contractor or salesman, checking out the neighborhood. As he approached the door, I stepped out to greet him and we exchanged talk as we came to understand one another. He rightly commented on this cold day biting into his unprotected hands and told me he was from the Cape and accustomed to the frosty winds of January when he hunted for clams in the muck of the low-tide sea beds, which seemed to have been a chastening winter employment.

In time he commented on the dandelions (I prefer calling them “Dandy-Lions”) and other greens springing awkwardly from my lawn and offered me the easy option of spraying “weed controls” on the lawn to “make it more plush” and attractive to both me and my neighbors. The price was right and there would be a deduction if I paid up front. My friend had parked at the beginning of the street and was canvassing my neighborhood. I had to sympathize with his need for employment and his drive in carrying out door-to-door sales in such windy weather.

Simply, I advised the fellow that in some thirty-five years in which my wife and I raised our daughters in this Hingham home, we  never sprayed or applied ‘weed-b-gones’ of any kind to this lawn and so it was as pure as when we found it. Yes, the short lived dandelions had to be hopelessly chased each spring and yes, that fast growing crabgrass and its friends came up faster and taller than the lush green grass, and if you paid too much attention to it, you might buy his service.

It was with a bit of sadness that I took the ad describing his offer, but no, I would not be calling. What has always seemed like a simple solution will remain unused as we prepare our surroundings for the healthy grand-children now peopling our yard.

Now, I wonder what this Cape Cod clam digger would think of spraying the likes of these chemicals on the clam beds that provide him with winter work?

Easter time,

Robert C. Broker


2 thoughts on “Clams – Do we know what we are doing?

  1. Right on re: lawn care: now eat the “dandy lions”. Rich in iron, vitamins and minerals, just saute in olive oil and garlic, place a cover on for two minutes and they are ready side dish. Next day they makes an awesome sandwich filler with a bit of goat or cow cheese or a drop of sald dressing. Anneli Johnson Environmental Consultant, National Garden Club, Inc. 

  2. You are right on. Younger folks really don’t have time or the capacity to think about natures balance. In the end they won’t know what hit them. People who are starving understand what organic means. Continue to speak up and let people know what is on your mind. I really appreciate your comments/

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