This a goal for The dormitory for the H.S. students that come down from mountain to go to school have 2 filters at the dorm. The goal is to provide safe drinking water to the younger children and their families. SFG also reduces water use by 90%.


2 thoughts on “Nerd Nite: Water Talks

  1. Peter: This weather is throwing me for a loop. I bought lots of veggies to plant – will they be ok in these frigid evening temps, especially with those cold ocean breezes? I am covering the garden with the plastic tarp for now, but don’t have one for the herb garden. Please advise. On another note: have lots of toothpaste for you guys. Let me know when i can drop it off. When do you leave again for Honduras? XS

    Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 14:31:42 +0000 To:

  2. Thanks Susie, Covering should be fine. Don’t cover late in the day if possible. My sfg is at 80 degrees today. I planned to remove the cover but decided not to. The Mel’s mix will get warm and provide warmth all evening. The herbs can sit on the window sill for a few days. If they are planted you can water them, cover with anything – pail, milk container, a plant pot. The sun is strong right now. They can handle cold weather.
    We leave for LA on May 7th. The 29th we leave for Honduras.

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