I think one of the best gifts that I ever gave my father was a subscription to magazine Organic Gardening.  I watched my dad from a very early age; plant, compost and harvest his garden.  For many of you this is your first experience trying to grow things and many of you believe that you will kill everything.   I use to tell my biology students that they are not scientists until they start making mistakes.   

On page 204 in the square foot gardening book there is a chart that tells you what to plant for each season and how much to plant in each square.  You can also google the charts.   


Suggested spring plantings are lettuce, beets, carrots, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, arugula (a weed), Swiss chard, kale and spinach.

For most of us tomatoes are a big pleasure in life and they will need to take the place of something at the end of May.  Lettuce bolts when it gets too hot so that is an option.  Tomatoes should be in the back row of your square foot garden or they will shade the smaller plants.

Herbs are now on sale for your herb garden.  The garden shop on the Southern Artery in Quincy is a great place to shop.  They put out plants that will survive the early season.  Covering may be required if the temperature goes down a lot.  I think we are almost OK with the weather at this point.

If you are composting and the compost is too wet add dry leaves, egg cartons and shredded newspaper.  Try not to empty lots of water in with the coffee grounds.  I have used one compost bin in my basement all winter and that has been sufficient.  I just love using those red wiggler worms.

If you have questions please send them along.  I will post answers that are common as readers share concerns.


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