It is an interesting time of the year with night time temperatures dipping close to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Weather Channel suggests that tonight it will be 34 degrees here in Hingham.  At our location we have the advantage of a huge heat sink with the ocean one hundred feet away.  In the fall it really works to our advantage.  In the spring however the ocean is cold.  Each of you has different mini climates.  Temperatures here reached 108 degrees in full sun this afternoon at the garden’s surface.  The Mel’s Mix got warm which should affect the temperature of the Square Foot Garden throughout the evening.

I decided to cover the plants this tonight. The plants that we have planted are cold weather plants.  However some of these plants will not survive a frost.  They are starting to look good and I would not like to replant now that they seem to have a great start.

Lettuce is just a few weeks away from harvest.  It will be time to eliminate one item from your grocery list.   


6 thoughts on “Watch Out

  1. On fire. Thank you for your message. I am so happy to be communicating with you. I have always felt that you and I have been on the same page since the day we met in 1973.

      1. You are so kind. I attempted to work at the school as a volunteer but I seem to get blocked. Things certainly change.

    1. Hi
      Last night it was really cold and windy. Before the sun went down I covered the square foot gardens. This morning with the sun shining on the small greenhouse the temperature is 80 degrees by 9:30. I think I will uncover just a portion of the space by rolling the plastic on the piece of wood it is attached to. It seems to work well but it is really cold here in Massachusetts.

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