Today the sun was finally shining and you might be feeling the urge to begin your garden as we did.  Here are some ideas of how you might start planting your spring 4’ by 4’ square foot garden.  (We went to Lowe’s today to purchase weed block and there were several different types of spring vegetable plants and herbs on sale.)

Here are some ideas for spring plantings.  (Suggested number of plants in each square)

Red leaf lettuce                       4          in front

Romaine lettuce                      4          in front

Boston lettuce                         4          in front

Swiss chard                             4          3rd row

Spinach                                   9          2nd row

Onions                                    16        back corner

Beets                                       9          in front

2 Broccol1                               1          each – back row

Radishes / Carrots                   16        2nd row ( the radishes will break the ground for carrots)

Cauliflower                                1         back row

2 Kale                                       1          3rd row

            Double up on things that you think you will enjoy most and eliminate those that you don’t care so much for.

            Memorial Day it is time to replace your squares with summer vegetables.  We will give you some ideas as the time approaches.

            At this time of the year you might want to figure out a way to cover the plants when the temperatures fall below 35 degrees.  Spring plants however are resilient.


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