One of my most revered colleagues used to say: “Oh Shoot” when something went wrong with a chemistry experiment.  By the way, she always made a twist of bad luck into a learning experience.  The title says it for me.

I just blogged about the book The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food and Love.   This ties into the essence of the previous blog.

I planted my first seedlings of lettuce, kale and broccoli in my portable greenhouse on March 3rd just before leaving on a three week trip.  It has been a brutally cold winter in New England.  Some of the temperatures at my home during our period of our absence were as low as 6 degrees.  I returned from Mexico on March 25th.  The plants looked great, had grown a little and I hadn’t done a thing to them.  I watered them on the 25th and put back the plastic covering.

The following day we had a major Northeaster.  The wind blew 60 miles an hour.  It was 29 degrees outside. The plastic cover blew off.   The wind was strong and by the time I got to put the cover back on the Square Foot Garden the plants were a little brittle.  The soil however was not completely frozen.  The plants may or may not survive but we aren’t going lose the farm.

We took a chance by planting in early March.  I didn’t put enough weight on the ocean side stakes. 

Oh Shoot! 

Farmers are so vulnerable.  With climate change we all need to rethink our dietary plans and our food sources.  Produce will cost more this year as California’s draught will affect many food prices.

When it stops raining I will check to see if the frost bitten plants have a chance to mature.   I will also plant alongside the first ones just in case.   No matter what happens, we will be picking fresh lettuce in May.

Nature makes us all vulnerable.  It is exciting to try to figure out ways to work with nature.  Nature often wins as we witness natural disasters around the world.  Learning from our mistakes are valuable lessons.  Trying to find a balance between human needs and environmental stability is something we can all try to discover.

In terms of Square Foot Gardening, it can be fun.  You won’t lose the farm.  We can all participate, One Square Foot at a Time.


4 thoughts on “Oh Shoot!

  1. LOVED OH SHOOT! A problem, but if Plan A doesn’t work, there is Plan B. There’s hope! Looking forward to hearing if your early “shoots” make it!

  2. Pedro- Enjoy all of your blogs and find them very informative . This one was excellent!! Very well written You tied several concepts together very well and left your readers hopeful at the end- as u usually do. This was even more poignant! Great job!! Carino, Magdalena

    1. Madeline,
      You are always supportive. You should have been a coach. Spent time with Bob the other day and he is making steady progress. Thank you

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