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–          Early purple sprouting broccoli – is not for me.  It’s perfect, it even rhymes.

–          Cauliflower needs to be covered otherwise it get yellow and no bueno.

–          Sunchokes seem to work good in containers… so far.

–          We don’t eat a lot of kale.  Kale grows really good.  All varieties.  Kale chips are great.  No body can eat THAT MANY kale chips.

–          Peas should have a taller trellis.  They are currently on our three foot Buddy fence.  They could use a couple more feet.  Easily.

–          Did I mention the EPS broccoli?

–          Chinese cabbage – why?  When you could have the real deal!  No offense, this one just grew really big and bolted really quick without actually heading.  No issues with the real deal.

–          Bok Choi is not necessary.  Collards, chard, and spinach do just as well with less hassle.


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