I am truly inspired by the organization and effort that the Green Committee is putting into environmental awareness.  They could be a model for other schools as well.  I know from personal experience that if there isn’t administrative support the initiatives can go no where fast.  The Hingham High School Team has support from administrators, students, teachers and members from the community.  You might want to send a note to the school confirming your support for the work they are doing.

The following are the agenda notes in preparation for “Green Week”.


Green Club Meeting

March 10, 2014



  1. 1.    Green house update
  2. 2.    STT update
  3. 3.    Do one thing 2014
  4. 4.    Middle/East School
  5. 5.    Green Week


1. Greenhouse update:   The greenhouse is almost complete. They just need to put a skirt around the bottom and grade the courtyard.  Then they can come up with an efficient design for the inside. Mrs. Roberts has been working on a website for the greenhouse. We plan on doing a ribbon cutting ceremony for the greenhouse after Green Week in order for it to get more press.  Mrs. Roberts is waiting for the bulletin board to go up near the entrances into the courtyard. Mrs. Roberts is also looking for people to help monitor the gauge for Weir River. She is also looking for people to help update the greenhouse website with pictures of what they are doing. Hopefully we will be able to begin to grow some seeds in the greenhouse this year.

2. Slash the thrash update: Dance team won for our winter season, and we have not decided on a date yet for their pizza party. We are looking for someone that has a connection at Crow Point Pizzeria for someone to help organize the pizza party. During Green Week we plan to have a club go every day. 5 clubs have responded so far.  The clubs we have heard from are the South Africa trip, class of 2017, STUCO, and ADL. We would like it if the senior class would also like to do it. We are looking for between 20-30 kids from each club. During Green Week we will not measure the compost and trash due to its inconsistency (depending on what is being served for lunch, etc.) but we will only keep track of the “penalty points” (i.e., things found in the trash that should have been composted or recycled).  If this goes well we may begin to use this new formula for the spring season.

3. DOT: The DOT segment has finally aired on the Friday Show so hopefully this will gain more traction during Green Week. During Green Week we want to encourage kids to put up a dot, pledging to “do one thing” differently to make a positive difference for the environment. We need STUCO members to help work a table. We do not want to give up on DOT.  Brendan Whitney and Gray Kinsella will work on organizing this.

4. Middle School/East School:  Mrs. Harty, a parent from both HMS and East School, came to talk about how we can strengthen our relationship with the two schools. We would love some members of the HS Green Committee to come and talk to the science classes or maybe do an assembly at the middle school but we have not talked about it with Mr. Smith. We would love to help the middle school set up composting in the school cafeteria. East School has 12 compost bins that need to be turned one Saturday morning. This is a STUCO point opportunity for people who want to help turn the compost and help the East Explorer kids with their garden.

5. Green Week:  March 24-28th

1. Meatless Monday: Max got 3 $20 gift certificates to Peel Pizza for us to raffle off during lunch for people who have a meatless lunch. Teachers will be handing out raffle tickets during lunch. Erin Lynch has offered to make a new banner for the main lobby, and Colleen and Lea did a bulletin board in the cafeteria for Green Week. Brendan is going to make green facts for the announcements. We also want make sure that we write thank you notes to our sponsors. Kerri will lead that effort. Gianluca is going to make a Facebook event for Green Week for all the HS students.

2. Treeless Tuesday: We encourage teachers to use less paper on this day. Lea is going to put facts up near the copy machines to tell the faculty how much paper Hingham High uses.  Michael Page is coming to give a talk to the students.

3. Waste not Wednesday: Aquarion is designing a water quiz for the students to complete online, and if you complete the quiz you will be entered in a raffle for you and your friends to win a Chipotle party. We will put the link on the Facebook event. Maybe we could hand out little business cards during lunch that have the directions and the website on them.  Jay O’Callahan is coming on Wednesday, and we want the auditorium to be full.  Dick Wheeler (the kayaker who is the hero and real-life protagonist in the story) will also be here to visit Environmental Science and Oceanography classes that day.

4. Switch off Thursday: Teachers will be encouraged to plan electricity-free lessons.  Is it possible for us to shut some of the outside lights off in the parking lot?

5. Fossil free Friday: Ice cream (if Nona’s come through with sponsorship again) for the people who organize carpools, and they will be allowed to park in the close lot. Colleen Collins is going to talk to someone at Nona’s to ask about the gift cards. People who ride the bus can enter a raffle to win a free ice cream. Also, students who ride their bike to school will get a free bagel from Atlantic Bagel (if they come through with sponsorship again). Mr. Clune is going to talk to the people at Atlantic Bagel. Holly Hill Farm is coming to help with the compost and more raised garden beds.

Green Week is going to be a very fun and busy week!


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