Tonight, February 28th, the temperature is going down to 10゜ F.  So we will wait until Saturday to plant the lettuce, broccoli and kale in our square foot garden.  The recorded temperatures have been up to 95゜F on sunny days this winter in our hooped greenhouse.  The soil (Mel’s Mix) has not been frozen except right next to the wooden frame.  I can’t remember when the temperatures have been so cold in February.  However we are more than 1/3 of the way to the summer solstice.  So let’s go.

Square Foot Gardening is different because we can be aggressive and don’t have to wait until the end of May to plant.  And then of course we keep cross our fingers that we won’t have frost.  The plants that we will plant on Saturday (kale, broccoli and lettuce) can tolerate cold weather.

In the picture you will notice a pail.  It is filled with water.  The purpose of the bucket filled with water is to create thermal mass.  When the temperature goes up during the day the water will absorb the heat so that these cool weather plants don’t get overheated and bolt.  At night when the temperatures go down the heat stored in the water will be released to moderate the temperature in the hooped greenhouse.  The water will also provide a moist environment which is ideal for most plants to grow efficiently.

Hopefully next year at this time you will be joining Square Foot Gardeners as together we grow local in the late winter / early spring.

We can all do this: 1 Square Foot at a Time. 


2 thoughts on “Impossible? But Let’s Get Started

    1. Some of the worms may bury themselves below the frost line during the winter. ( no problem in Yoro) Red wigglers which I am using, tend to be surface decomposes. I compost inside in a tumbler during the winter. SFGs have weed block, no worms. However my next post will suggest a solution to that. For me it is an investigation / maybe a solution. Beth is Executive Director for were we are building Sq Ft Gardens. Support will provide change: “1 Square Foot at a Time”

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