I have been harvesting lettuce all winter in a very small greenhouse which is attached to my house.  I planted Romaine and Red Leaf lettuce in three long plastic planters which are approximately 20” long x 6” wide and 7” in height.  I filed the containers with Mel’s Mix.  All winter we picked the leaves from around the plants trying not to totally defoliate the vegetation.  We enjoyed salad two to three times a week; there are three of us.  We often had enough left over for one of us to eat the remainder for lunch.

About a week ago I began to notice that some recently planted lettuce reached a reasonable size so that I could transplant them.  I expect enough mass to develop in a couple of weeks to begin harvesting the new lettuce plants.

When I pulled up the old lettuce, I could not believe my eyes.  The root mass was huge.  Lettuce grown in traditional soil usually has a root ball a little bit smaller than a tennis ball.  The root mass planted in Mel’s Mix was as big as the width and depth of the planter.  I tried to shake some of the Mel’s Mix out of the root system and although small particles fell out, that amount was insignificant.

Please be impressed because Mel’s Mix really works.  You too can eliminate a lot of hard work from your growing routine by using the Mix.  Square Foot Gardens work because of the formula that Mel has developed.

We can all make a difference: “Grow Local”.  Become an advocate for growing at home.  It is all fun; 1 Square Foot at a Time.



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