Hingham High School’s Green Committee is moving forward to engage the entire staff and student body.

“Green Week”

  • Meat free Monday
  • Treeless Tuesday
  • Waste not Wednesday
  • Switch off Thursday
  • Fossil free Friday

Green week is March 24-28 2014! We have storyteller Jay O’Callahan on Wednesday and HHS alum Michael Page (now a meteorologist in Burlington, VT) on Tuesday. Holy Hill Farm is also coming to help us with the composting and raised beds.  We also discussed doing the trash mob again this year so we can compare our results from last year. We want to see if we can do it in a more public way; maybe we should promote what we are doing with flyers and/or film it for inclusion on the Friday Show.  We want to see if Mr. Woolley would be willing to help organize it again this year. Lastly, we want to sift and sell the bags of compost at the Hingham Farmer’ Market again. Mrs. McPhillips is going to see if we can get a spot at the market again this year. 




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