I wish I knew more about water.  I am serious about learning more.

By the way, I learned a lot about the contamination effects of salt and fresh water on plastic bottles at the Quincy High School Science Fair.  The work that the student put into her investigation was just incredible.  And then of course there was a wonderful teacher who guided her and stayed late at night to make sure the student had sufficient time to do the lab work and documentation.  This is public education by the way.

In Hingham, Massachusetts, the town where I live, the average use of water is 65 gallons per day per person.  How is that possible?  Do you consider your family to be wasteful?  Students on the “Green Committee” at Hingham High School will encourage students during “Green Week” in March to reduce family water use.

California is going through a horrific drought.  The Federal Government just gave the State 140 million dollars to support farmers because of all their crop losses.  The State will lose 5 billion dollars in income related to this crisis.

Eleven states are experiencing drought conditions this year. 

Is climate change affecting our lives?

I have just learned that it takes 2500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef.

Filtered water is safe but the important minerals are removed.   The diets of plants, animals and humans require these minerals.

Tape water in the United States is chlorinated.  Fluoride is also often added to water in many communities.  Microbes in the soil are essential for good plant health.  If chlorine and fluoride kill microbes in water, then what will the chemicals do to those important tiny microbes in the soil.

Rainwater captured in a rain barrel also lacks minerals.  Since different plants metabolize minerals differently, each crop uses different soil types uniquely.  Rainwater needs to be fortified in order to maximize crop production and nutrient value.

Square Foot Gardening solves many of the above issues:

  1. It takes 80% less water to maintain a Square Foot Garden.
  2. Mel’s mix is made of 5 different types of compost which are loaded with nutrients and microorganisms.
  3. The mix holds the water so that evaporation is not such a big issue.
  4. Drought is no longer as economically devastating when we learn to grow local.
  5. Watering can be selective and so less water is necessary.

We can all do this, One Square Foot at a Time


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