It is the time of the year in New England when people start buying their seeds.  Please introduce yourselves to early spring gardening, SFG. It will only be a short time before harvesting lettuce, beets, broccoli, radishes, spinach, swizz chard and cauliflower becomes a reality.  On the 21st of February the sun will be one third of its way to the summer solstice.  March 21st provides as much solar radiation as September 21st.

So let’s get going.

Square Foot Gardening provides the gardener with the ability to start early, really early.  Mel’s mix doesn’t freeze rock solid because of its loose texture.  It also defrosts much quicker than traditional soil.  Because we start with a 4 foot by 4 foot space, it can easily be enclosed with a hooped structure and a plastic covering as shown above.

Within the next few days the students at the Randolph Community Middle School will be monitoring the temperatures of their hooped greenhouses.  In addition, they will be starting their seeds.  As soon as they get a seven day period of no freezing, their plants will be transplanted into the miniature greenhouses.

To the students in Honduras, you can see from the pictures that your conditions for producing crops are much better than ours in Massachusetts.  So keep composting.

Yesterday’s low temperature in the hooped greenhouse was 25 degrees Fahrenheit or – 3.8 degrees Centigrade.  The high in the greenhouse was 69゜ F or 20.5゜C.  The outside temperature during the warmest part of the day was around 32゜F / 0゜C.  This means that by using a Square Foot Garden, with the hoops and the plastic covering, the space gets quite warm even in the winter after a snow storm.  At one point during the day, the greenhouse was warmer than my house with the heat on.

Whether you live in Honduras, New Hampshire, Massachusetts or California; Square Foot Gardening makes sense.  If you are a person who is concerned about your carbon foot print, every square foot makes a difference.



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