Doris almost always has a smile on her face.  Her family lives in San Jose Honduras, a mountain community of squatters.  Because there is no education beyond elementary school in the settlement, Doris attends high school in the City of Yoro.  Honduras Hope  has constructed and maintained a dormitory for students where they live during the week.  It would be impossible for students to otherwise walk to school, approximately three hours up and two hours down.  The road is impassable by car or four wheel vehicle.


Doris is in her last year of high school and is studying agriculture.  Her school day consists of academics and farm activities.  Before she goes home in the evening she cares for chickens that will be eventually be brought up to residents in the mountains.


Doris plans to continue her education at the university level.  Honduras Hope will make sure that she has the resources to make her dream come true.  When my wife and I were in Honduras last week, we witnessed how financial help is carefully distributed.  I often wondered how donations are used by similar organization.  However, I am absolutely certain that every dollar spent by Honduras Hope for this as well as other meaningful projects is used wisely.


In the picture, Doris isn’t smiling.  That is because she is serious about using Square Foot Gardening to provide a balanced diet for the families in her community.  From my experience as a teacher, I well understand that only some students really “get it”.  Doris gets it.  She has shown me strong leadership skills.  She lead by example as the students built two square foot gardens and a composting operation.  Of course, nothing can be planted until the compost is ready.  Because of the climate and the students’ willingness to oxygenate the pile by constantly turning it over, I feel confident that they will have compost by May.  Additionally, students are now picking up horse manure on the dirt roads which will be used to enrich and heat up the composting process.


I had no intentions of going back to Honduras in three months with Honduras Hope in May.  That changed quickly when Doris turned to me before we were leaving and asked if my wife and I would be returning in May.  I was caught off guard.  Doris had a big smile on her face because she already knew the answer.  How could I say no?  Since my wife Kathy always says yes to this kind of situation, I had no worries that she would be leading the way.  I really can’t wait to get back to where the action is refreshing and awesome.Image


3 thoughts on “Refreshing and Awesome

  1. You’re such a good writer! It’s lovely to hear of your travels, and of the people you’ve met. I will have to go learn more about what Honduras Hope does, and we need to talk about starting a garden for me! 🙂

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