It was my wife Kathy’s idea.  I had no intention of interrupting my ski season in New England this year.  I was listening to a conversation that she was having on the telephone while she was making plans for her trip to Honduras with Honduras Hope.  She asked how long it would take for them to get from airport in San Pedro Sulas to their final destination in Yoro Honduras.  I heard her say something about travelling three and a half hours to their destination.  I am aware that Honduras had a high murder rate.  With the three and a half hour trip on bad roads I was a little concerned about her going by herself.  I decided that for forty years I have been accompanying her travel adventures and why would I stop now?


I told her that I was thinking about going with her.  She cemented the deal by telling me that I could introduce my Square Foot Gardening project in Yoro.


The children are the ones who are my inspiriting my business initiative “1 Square Foot at a Time”.  In Hingham where I live it is a preschool teacher who wants to build interest in her students about growing things.  In Randolph Massachusetts it is an ELL teacher who Kathy and I assist as volunteers.  The teacher understands that her immigrant students rapidly and enthusiastically learn math and science through the application of agriculture.  In Yoro Honduras, it is a group of teenagers who come from the Mountains.  Their families are squatters.  The name of their town is San Jose and it only has an elementary school.   Honduras Hope has built these students a dormitory in Yoro for them to live during the week so that they can go to high school.  They are now composting and have constructed two 4 by 4 feet Square Foot Gardens.  Also local friends of ours have a daughter in college who has been encouraging her parents to compost their food scraps.  Their Square Foot Garden is ready to be planted by the first of March.


I believe that we can make Square Foot Gardening and “grow local” work in the United States and in other places.  I think however that we must rely on children to be the inspiration for this project.Image


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