Before a Square Foot Garden is planned and installed, I insist that a site assessment is necessary.  I will not place a SFG in a place where failure is predetermined by poor placement which often means lack of sunlight.  Because the structures are small and tidy, placement is a pleasant addition to any landscape and something that most people would want to exhibit.

Because this is an eco-friendly and grow local endeavor, the $25.00 site assessment will be donated to a green initiative of your choice.  If you do not have a favorite green program in mind, I can recommend three which are my favorites.

Randolph Community Middle School:  This is a program for immigrant students who are developing their English.  Students are planting and experimenting with Square Foot Gardens as they learn science and math skills through horticulture.

Hingham High School:  H.H.S. is a suburban high school that is at the top of my list for a program of action.  There are many environmental action steps which in my opinion have influenced the entire student body and staff.  An example is a program called “slash the trash” where athletic teams compete during lunch to reduce trash, recycle and compost food waste as well as cardboard lunch trays.

Honduras Hope:  On a recent visit Yoro, Honduras, my wife and I witnessed the good will of this program.  The depth of the program is truly incredible as members of Honduras Hope provide learning opportunities for indigenous people. We witnessed the strength of these people as they struggle to improve their health, well-being and educational chances for their families.  We had a chance to build two Square Foot Gardens at one of the student dormitories and we are thrilled by their initial interest and enthusiasm.

It is a goal of “1Square Foot at a Time” to build a “grow local” mentality as world populations struggle with a carbon footprint that is unacceptable.  In addition, Square Foot Gardening provides a pesticide / herbicide / chemical free food source that can provide better health for all of us.



2 thoughts on “Site Assessment – SFG

  1. On behalf of Honduras Hope, thank you Peter for your guidance and assistance in helping to get 2 SFGs going at our boarding house. We look forward to the next step in the process and believe the students will ultimately take what they have learned back to their villages. Muchos gracias!

    1. Both Kathy and I are very excited to be a part of your program. I hope this next week is exciting as last week. Thank you for letting us be apart of what all of you are doing so well.

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