Composting is an art.  Composting “Black Gold” to the many small farmers is old hat.

There is a new revolution beginning for many of us.  We are starting to realize that we can best control what we eat when we are making our own soil and growing our own food.

Some scientists state that it takes 100 years to make one inch of top soil.  Other documents state that it can take as much as 350 to 500 years to make one inch of topsoil.  Of course it all depends on climate and the amount of vegetation available for the decomposers to do their work.  Red wiggler worms decompose 50% of their body mass daily if the conditions and food supply are ideal. Amazing!

Recently I harvested some worm castings from Red Wigglers and put the compost into a 18 gallon Rubbermaid tote.  This represents approximately 2.4 cubic feet of compost.

I plan to mix that compost into 2 (4’ by 4’) square foot gardens. This all represents 32 square feet of surface area.  My rough calculations indicate that a gardener could spread just a little less than 1 inch of compost and cover the two 4’ by 4’ beds.  The Square Foot Gardener would then mix the compost into the existing Mel’s Mix.

If a traditional gardener had a small 20 by 20 foot garden and spread the same amount of compost the layer would be less than 1/10th of an inch in depth.   If you believe that compost is truly the farmer’s gold, then Square Foot Gardening is a no brainer.

Get rid of the chemicals, the pesticides (strong plants resist pests), the expensive watering and make growing healthy food a pleasure.  We can all contribute – One Square Foot at a Time.


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