Kale is a super food. http://www.aliveraw.com/Articles/Kale-The-Underappreciated-Superfood.aspx The remarkable quality of kale is that it can be planted early in the season and it keeps growing and growing and growing.  I started my 2013 spring crop in last March in a hoop type greenhouse covered with inexpensive plastic.  It is December and I am still harvesting.  Kale is very hardy.  It freezes, thaws and freezes again.  I simply pick it, use it or put it in the refrigerator.  I use the kale in smoothies for the enzymes that kale stores.  I recently added it to homemade chicken soup and it was delicious.

         Last week I planted kale seeds for next year.  I have already transplanted the seedlings into larger trays.  My goal is to transplant them into raised beds by the end of February.  Currently we have a preschool and a middle school installing square foot gardens.  The children will begin monitoring the temperatures in their small hoop greenhouses after Christmas vacation.  I am certain that I am more excited than they are to get started however they will be learning some scientific principles through practical application as they monitor the temperatures.

         The plants in my garden have grown so hardy and large that I plan to us a square foot for each plant.  I harvest by cutting the lower leaves.  Someone recently commented that the three kale plants in my garden look like trees.

         There are very few homes or apartments where Square Foot Gardening doesn’t work.  You can use a patio, driveway, front lawn (it is neat) or rooftop to start you Square Foot Garden.  We don’t use pesticides, herbicides or chemicals.  At the same time we can grow local and reduce our carbon footprint.Image


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