The vision behind One Square Foot at a Time comes from environmental experiences developed with my students.  Although I was a biology teacher, I often based the course materials with the environmental and a personal focus on well-being.  Many students bought into these themes and became passionate about science.

The One Square Foot at a Time represents a theme of hope.  Although some people view the world’s expanding carbon footprint as certain doom, action provides an ingredient that gives us fortitude.  In reality, the technology is available right now to begin to substantially reduce our carbon emissions.

Horticulture is a powerful vehicle to teach science, problem solving and the scientific method.  My premise is to start with children because adults’ minds are too clogged with the overwhelming responsibilities that face them daily.

The purpose of square foot gardening is to:

  1. Learn about and carry out sustainable habits
  2. Practice the theme of grow local
  3. Use practical application to teach environmental principles
  4. Learn about conservation
  5. Have children and parents become interested together
  6. Like what we grow to like what we eat
  7. Exercise and understand the benefit of exercise away from the gym
  8. Reuse and recycle out waste –

Mel Bartholomew states the principles of Square Foot Gardening in an easily digestible format.  I have tried it and it works.  It can work for almost anyone with a very few adaptations.

My vision is to bring this to you.  Help me understand your circumstances and we will work to build your own market right in your driveway, patio or front yard.  We can all do this One Square Foot at a Time.   


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