The Students at Hingham High School are turning the attitudes of the students green.  As a former AP Environmental Science teacher, I am impressed.

These are their notes:

HHS Green Committee Meeting

December 2, 2013

Members Attending: Ms. Beatty (Health Dept), Matt Bishop (Gr. 11), Mrs. Black (Parent), Mr. Doerr (History Dept.), Lily Fernald (Gr. 9), Max Giarrusso (Gr. 9), Davis Goode (Gr. 11), Perry Harris (Gr. 9), Isabelle Kelly (Gr. 11), Gray Kinsella (Gr. 12), Ms. Mathews (Special Ed. Dept.), Mrs. McPhillips (Parent), Gianluca Nigro (Gr. 11), Brad Patterson (Gr. 9), Julia Patterson (Gr. 11), Ms. Perkins (Math Dept.), Anthony Sanfilippo (Gr, 12), Mr. Swanson (Admin.), Julia Tyrrell (Gr. 10), Brendan Whitney (Gr. 12) (20 total)


1. Teach-in recap

2. “Slash the Trash” update

3.”Green Space” parking

4. Cafeteria promotions

5. Bulletin Boards

6. Paper reduction

7. Green Cup contest

8. Green Week ideas

9. Idea for January initiative (DOT Resolution)

10. Meeting time

11. Website


1. Teach-in recap

We achieved 100% teacher participation again (for the second year in a row) and had lots of exciting activities planned for the America Recycles Day “teach-in” on 11/15. Events included the following:

  • Teachers who participated in a green lesson received a cup of coffee donated by Starbucks.
  • The cafeteria served a meatless burger (thereby reducing the school’s carbon footprint) and green jello.
  • “ACE” gave a presentation during F&G block
  • Mr. Doherty’s portfolio students desiged a chalk mural outside.
  • During the lunches, we showed a PowerPoint presentation (created by Gianluca Nigro) of green facts and pictures of people from past green club events. 
  • Holly Hill Farm led student groups in sifting the compost, planting garlic and also planting four new apple trees
  • Lea Concannon wrote an article about the event that was published in The Hingham Journal

Suggestions for next year:

  • Students want their science teachers to get more involved. For example, they want debates after an assembly or an interactive lesson.
  • Also kids wanted to focus more on solutions. Instead of just learning about the negative effects of global warming, we want to learn more about practical ways that we as students and kids can make a difference.


2. “Slash the Trash” update

1ST Place for the fall season: The girls’ volleyball team set a new record, since the compost weighed more than the trash!!!

2nd Place: The girls’ soccer also set a record with the fewest penalty points ever!

Both teams were honored with team luncheons from Crow Point Pizzeria.

Also: We need to come up with a short and sweet mission statement that outlines what STT is and how to get involved with it. Any ideas??

We might add “green space” parking spots as additional prize incentives for the winter season.

3.  “Green Space” parking:  The 9 green parking spaces have been approved and we will soon order signs for them.  Mr. Swanson has started awarding some of the spots, mainly to staunch Green Committee supporters (compost crew, etc.). We will also do a raffle for some of the spots to raise money for the Green Committee.  Matt Bishop will help to produce a Friday Show segment that publicizes the existence of the “green spaces” and explains how they will be awarded.

4. Cafeteria PromotionsBgood gift cards were raffled off last month, with tickets given to people using water bottles or re-usable lunch containers.  We plan to keep the events mainly UNNANNOUNCED so that kids won’t only bring in a reusable water bottle or lunch bag on the days when we hold special promotions. Our goal is to start a green trend. Additional Bgood gift cards will be given away at some point; also, the PTO will donate boxes of Italian Ice for prize distribution. Green Committee members are encouraged to try to think of local companies that would be willing to donate gift cards or other prizes.

5. Bulletin Boards:  The new bulletin board with the “Slash the Trash” standings has been very successful.  Lily and Natalie have also added another bulletin board in the cafeteria that included news clippings and a list of celebrities who support environmental issues.  Gray has volunteered to re-vamp the outdated “Green Week” board at the other side of the cafeteria; it will become part of a “Do One Thing” promotion planned for January.  Matt Bishop volunteered to update the bulletin board in the 120s hallway.

6. Paper reduction:  

As a result of a suggestion made at our last meeting, LMC computers have been set to print to the main printer; the copy machine is no longer a backup option. This should save paper because students often didn’t know where there paper was going, so then they would have to print it a second time.

We also hope to explore the possibility of setting school computers to print all documents as double sided.

7. Green Cup Challenge:  Matt, Andrew, and Jack are in charge of the Green Cup challenge.   Some of the weekly audits have not been submitted, though. They need to be turned in soon!

8.  Green Week ideas: 

The Third Annual Green Week is scheduled for the last week of March 2014. Green Committee members are encouraged to think about a celebrity who could replicate the excitement created by the 2012 visit from former Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference. Mr.  Swanson is working on a grant that could bring Jay O’Callahan (a famous storyteller who once appeared on the cover of TIME magazine) to tell one of his stories that focuses on environmental issues.

9. Idea for January initiative (DOT Resolution)

Gray volunteered to take the lead on a new initiative in January. The basic idea is for each HHS student to write down one green New Year’s resolution on a “dot” and then hang it, probably in the cafeteria.  Later, a Green Committee audit of some kind will check on them to determine whether they are continuing their resolution. Winning individuals (or classes?) could get a prize.

10. Meeting time?

The majority of the group wanted to stick to afternoon meetings!

11. Website

The tech squad has generously offered to design a website for the Green Committee! Thank you to the tech squad!





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