I have been reading recently how important organic and especially pesticide free fruits and vegetables are to cancer patients (read the article here) There of course are issues with those of us trying to avoid cancer as well as many other health issues.  The topic goes further than that because some evidence shows that children with ADHD (read the report here) are affected by pesticides, herbicides and preservatives.

How can we really be sure?  What is that stuff they spray of fruits and vegetables in the grocery store to make everything look fresh?

I am almost certain that my method works.  Right now it is close to freezing outside and the temperatures are sure to go below 30 degrees tonight.  The kale (considered to be a super food) is still growing and being harvested.

Square Foot Gardening works for me and with not much effort we can show you how it can work for you.  The design is such that it can be set up in a driveway, patio, rooftop or balcony.

forget herbicides and pesticides

6 to 8 inches deep

few wasted seeds


(sun, visible, water accessible, neat and tidy)

grid planting plan

wide paths

no fertilize

grow up not down

1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat, 1/3 mix of 5 types of compost

thaws early in the spring

covers easily in late fall / early winter

Leave us a message and we will develop a plan for you.

And of course the exercise is great which is not too strenuous. In addition, this all proves hope and purpose.  I think we can have some fun and we will be sure that it is organic.


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