Am I out of it?  Last night I went to a Boston Bruins game.  Reality set in.  There was action, noise and advertising.  Forty, fifty and sixty year old men and women wearing $125.00 Bruins jerseys with the names and numbers of the players on their back.  As I sat there I had to wonder how many of the cheering audience had any concern for grow local.


Well one former Bruin, Andrew Ference does.  He now plays for the Edmonton Oilers.  As a Bruin he visited our local High School and had lunch with those students who rode their bikes to school.  Hingham is a big hockey town and his visit was a huge success. 


Andrew is interested in his carbon footprint and has 500 NHL players doing something to protect the environment.


I miss not having Andrew in Boston however I am sure he is doing great things for the environment in Edmonton.  Good luck Andrew, you are good for Canada and all of us.


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