For people who are farmers or have gardens, vacations are always an issue.  Let the weeds grow, some vegetables may go past their peak however lack of water can negate a lot of work.


Recently we took a 9 day trip to the Yucatan.  In passing I asked my daughter to water the lettuce and herbs in the greenhouse.  She is always very good about tending to my garden while we are away.  I think she realizes how much effort I put into the vegetable garden and I know how much she appreciates fresh vegetables.  For whatever reason, we didn’t connect and since it was fall she it didn’t register with her that I had lettuce and herbs growing in our small greenhouse.


When I arrived home I asked her how the watering went.  She told me that she didn’t know that I had asked her to water.  I kind of knew that we may not have connected on this issue and I didn’t email her because I was a little curious as to whether the plants would survive that period of time in Mel’s Mix.  Upon my return I went straight to the greenhouse.  The plants were a little limp for lack of water but certainly not in a troubled state.  I watered the plants a little that evening and returned in the morning to see what I was hoping for: a return to normal.


The next day I harvested some of the lettuce for our salad.


Mel’s Mix passed the test.  The compost, peat moss and vermiculite had absorbed enough water to last for 9 days.  We must account for the fact that in early November the sun isn’t that strong and consequently photosynthesis isn’t at a high level either.  I do use grow lights in the late fall and winter however.


Mel Barthowmew says that it takes 90% less water in caring for a square foot garden.  I’m convinced through this little experiment / incident that it is all true.


You too can have great success with Square Foot Gardening.  We are trying to spread the word – “1 Square Foot at a Time.Image


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