You are What You Eat: REALLY!


People throughout the world are scared.

The green culture is finally taking off.

People are thinking and buying organic.  Prices are high and standards in the United States. To get and maintain an organic certification is time consuming.  In most states everything must be documented.

With everything there is good and bad.  When you visit your local garden store visit the chemical isle.  I think you will find that ninety percent of the inventory is made up of things that kill plants, insects and make people sick.  Research teams are finding cures for cancer and the cost for finding cures are exorbitant.  Drugs are costly and medical insurance premiums and co-pays are high.  Our environment is toxic and the beat goes on.

People go to expensive markets to buy fruits and vegetables and have no idea what they are getting on a nutritional level.  If it is organic it should be pesticide and herbicide free.  We have been conditioned.  “Spinach is good”.  Really?  Where was it grown and has it been tested for minerals and nutrients?  Industrial farms and even many local farms are planting on soil that is nutrient and mineral depleted.  Vegetables metabolize minerals in different amounts.  Popeye use to flex his muscle when he gulped a can of spinach.  When spinach is planted on the same property again and again the mineral content is absorbed into the plant and the soil becomes mineral poor.  Chemical fertilizers are used to make the plants look healthy so they may look good at the store.  However, what is the real in content of that plant?

We are not going to solve the industrial farm issue in this forum.  The solutions are not so easy but there are some partial solutions for all of us.  There is hope and awareness is part of the answer.

I have been composting for many years.  I have found out that composting is a bit of a science.  I will show you links to interesting composting alternatives.  Recently however I have been experimenting with red wiggler worms.  With the right conditions, red wigglers consume 50% of their body weight each day.  According to people who are familiar with red wigglers they like doing three things; eat, poop and have sex.  In the composting process, they decompose some kinds of garbage and paper, excrete castings and increase their population at a steady pace.  My wife and I went to China in the fall of 2011.  I spent six weeks there.  Before I left I filled my composting tumbler with vegetation, weeds, shredded paper and about 20 red wiggler worms.  I aerate the tumbler with a small aquarium pump twist per day, it is on a timer.  When I returned, beautiful compost had been produced and there were hundreds of red wigglers.  Red wigglers are hermaphrodites.  Each egg produces 4 or 5 baby worms.  It didn’t take long for the worms to do their job.  The conditions must have been close to perfect.

Dealing with mineral depletion is another matter.  If the vegetables that I am composting are depleted of minerals then the compost will not contain minerals.  There are minerals that can be added to the compost but I am learning about composting kelp.  The ocean is mineral rich and with some care understanding of the process, seaweed is a good source of minerals and protein.  One must be aware of pollution issues when harvesting the seaweed.  I some areas of the world there are limits on what can be farmed each day.  Here in Massachusetts the State workers bury the seaweed so I guess they consider the seaweed is waste.

As you follow the blog, I will give you some of the procedures I use in my composting factory.

My interest in all this is not to just grow good looking and delicious fruits and vegetables but to grow nutritious and mineral rich food.


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